The Historic Sites Research Committee

The Historic Sites Research Committee researches and maintains, as a work-in-progress, all sites deemed to be of historic significance in Upper Moreland Township. As additional information is received on a site, it is added to the site’s file for researchers to access. The UMHA’s Historic Sites Inventory is shared with the Upper Moreland Historic Commission. At the present time, hundreds of homes and buildings in the Township representing the early 1700s, the 1800s and sites of unique architectural styles make up the Inventory.

This area of Association research had a jump start with a Montgomery County prepared list of existing historical houses in Upper Moreland acquired by Commissioner Tom Murt and several years of accumulated research done by Dr. Millie Wintz in conjunction with Mr. Walter Lufkin of the Old York Road Historical Society. Together they have researched and identified well over three hundred sites in the immediate area; over one hundred and forty being in Upper Moreland. Their research in print form has been copyrighted, however, the Upper Moreland portion of the document is accessible to the public in the Upper Moreland Public Library. The research includes: building dates, locations, owners, photographs of the sites and anything of historical significance pertinent to the site.

In order to be considered of historic significance, sites need to be: more than 50 years of age, to have housed an important personage, to have been the site of an important event in the history of the Township, or to be of unique architectural style. Any owner wishing to be included on the Inventory may do so by writing to the Association at UMHA Historic Inventory, 117 Park Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090.