History of UMHA


Upper Moreland Historical Association Executive Committee


President - Kathy Eberz

Vice Presidents - Bob Crippen, Ray Stahl, Elaine Leibrandt, Nick Scull

Secretary - Elaine Leibrandt

Treasurer - Ray Stahl

Past President - Ken Keiser

President Emeritus - Joe Thomas

Board of Directors & Committee Chairs

Archaeology - Ted Smoyer

Archives - Heather Greenleaf

Business and Industry - Bob Crippen

Finance - Ray Stahl

Genealogy - Jayne Thorsen

Membership - Jack Houriet

Meetings & Programs - Elaine Leibrandt

Natural History - June Crippen

Newsletter & Publications - Jack Houriet

Oral History - Katie Fitzpatrick

Publicity - Jack Houriet

Sites Research - Steve Worthington

Social History - Bob Young

Special Activities - Erika Deegan

Ways & Means - Ken Keiser

Website - Karen Momorella

Willow Grove Park - Ray Stahl