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Upper Moreland and Willow Grove History

"A Synopis of Upper Moreland and Willow Grove" written by Joe Thomas is available in .PDF format (155 KB) - click here.

This document is intended to be a clear and readable overview of our heritage from the creation of Pennsylvania and the arrival of the first settlers, to the growth and improvements from Colonial times forward. It has been purposely kept concise to stimulate interest to the colorful past of the township and its pioneers. To attempt to duplicate the erudite and massive histories of Theodore W. Bean and William J. Buck would be both futile and a disservice to their outstanding works.

Also available in .PDF format are:

"Significant Dates in Upper Moreland History" by Ed Momorella (15.2 KB) - click here

"A 50-Year Chronology of the Development of the Government of Upper Moreland" by Joe Thomas (127 KB) - click here