UMHA Publications

The UMHA provides its members with an informative newsletter, "Moreland Memories," published quarterly. This newsletter contains many feature articles dealing with Upper Moreland history as well as information regarding upcoming events.

Our Newsletter committee is always on the hunt for new articles, so if you have an idea for a good story about the history of Upper Moreland that you'd like to share in an upcoming edition, please feel free to contact the Newsletter & Publications committee on the Contact page.

Along with the newsletter, we have produced a number of publications for sale regarding the history of Upper Moreland Township and our Association. We also have printed brochures available for each of our walks and bus tours as well as collections of back issues of "Moreland Memories."

Below is a list of publications that are available. If there is a specific publication that you wish to have, it is advisable to contact us in advance of the meetings and we can have it ready for you when you come to the meeting. If you live outside of the area, they can be sent to you by mail. Click here for a printable order form (.pdf file, 225 KB). Some of the publications are in limited quanity.



Price (USD)

Welcome to the Upper Moreland Historical Association
A 16-page booklet covering the inauguration of the UMHA, its committees, and its accomplishments, including: public artifacts displays, historic walks, historic bus tours, group visitations, history and genealogy research assistance, annual dinner and annual picnic, archaeological digs, and more.
A Synopsis of the History of U.M. and Willow Grove
An 83-page book with maps, drawings and concise accounts of 38 topics concerning the heritage and one-time fame of Willow Grove.
*This document is also available for download on the History of Upper Moreland page.
Tri-Centennial Timeline
A detailed timeline highlighting the events that have shaped Willow Grove over the last 300 years.
Then & Now
A photographic side-by-side comparison of 30 sites in Willow Grove showing how they've changed over the last 300 years.
50-Year Chronology of the Government of U.M.
A 48-page booklet indicating how the Township grew and developed. It lists many of the people involved in that growth.
*This document is also available for download on the History of Upper Moreland page.
Honor Roll of Military Veterans from U.M.
A 40-page booklet of military names from Upper Moreland from the Revolution to the Gulf War and all periods in between.
Bit of History Collection of U. M. People, Places and Organizations
A 52-page booklet giving brief histories of 25 subjects with pen and ink drawings of most of the subjects.
Upper Moreland Township Architectural Tour
A 28-page booklet detailing a self-guided, short tour of the architecture evident in Willow Grove; contains more than 100 drawings, tour map, and explanations for each of the 30 stops along the tour.
Brief History of the Grove Theater and the Rothwells
A 16-page booklet giving a short history of Willow Grove’s ‘Grove Theater’ and the Rothwells who Built and managed the theater. Contains architectural drawings of the theater and promotional ads for movies.
Brief History of the 1839 Willow Grove School
A 16-page booklet containing schematic drawings of the original school, the Constitution and Bylaws of the school and a speech by historian William Buck at the opening of the Newtown Road School in 1895.
Portfolio of Architectural Diversity of Moreland Township
A 24-page booklet containing 75 original pen and ink drawings of 75 historic houses and structures, past and present, found in Moreland Township.
Note Card Set #1
Set of 10 cards and envelopes with drawings of the Manor House, Mineral Springs Inn, Fountain House Inn, 1920 Post Office and Davisville Road School.
Note Card Set #2
Set of 10 cards and envelopes with drawings of WWI Memorial Hall, the Fire Company, The Homestead, Ashland Farmhouse, and the Wynkoop Farmhouse.
Newsletter Collection, Vol. I
A 3-year collection of newsletters published during the first three years of the UMHA bound into one volume. (1997 – 2000)
Newsletter Collection, Vol. II
A 4-year bound collection of quarterly newsletters published during the years 2000 to 2004.
Significant Dates in Upper Moreland History
A 4-page historic timeline of the development of Upper Moreland Township
*This document is also available for download on the History of Upper Moreland page.
Willow Grove Self-Guided Trail of History
A 16-page booklet with text, map and drawings of a short walk around the center of Willow Grove.
*This booklet may be obtained FREE at the U.M. Parks & Recreation Dept. or the Chamber of Commerce.
A Summary of the First Ten Years of the Historical Association
A 24-page booklet detailing the activities, displays, Collections and accomplishments of the Association.